Pregnancy Essentials – What to purchase to make those 9 months more bearable

I’m almost there. So close. Literally painfully close. I’m talking about the long awaited due date of our first born.

Currently I’m 35 weeks pregnant, and I figured it’s time to look back at my pregnancy. Time to share with all you pregnant ladies out there my experiences when it comes to pregnancy essentials. Which items are must-haves? Which ones do I suggest to buy based on my past 35 weeks of pregnancy? And which items were in my opinion a waste of money.

As a first timer being pregnant I was overwhelmed by all the “essentials” that we are told to be needing during pregnancy. Motion sickness wristbands? Support belts? Aromatherapy oils? You might be surprised which items were useful to me.

Body Pillow
Body Pillow
Let’s start with my number 1 must-have item right away. This C-shaped pillow has become my best friend during pregnancy. Instead of building a pillow fort every night to support my big belly or my back, I just snuggle right in there with this giant pillow. I have to admit though that cuddling with my partner at night has become way less, ever since I hug this pregnancy pillow every night.
These pillows are quite pricy (around 60€). It was however already worth it every single cent I spent on it. And I’m pretty sure it will come in handy at a later point during breast feeding, creating a cosy nest for the baby, or as we’re already using it – as a headboard in bed during movie sessions.

Maternity Jeans
Maternity Jeans
I’m a jeans and t-shirt type of girl. A well fit jeans therefore clearly falls under the category essentials. There are two types of maternity jeans. Those that end underneath, and those that go above the belly. I chose the ones that go way above the belly and I’m loving them.They don’t feel like jeans at all. More like sweatpants that happen to look like jeans. I have a feeling I might still wear them even far after giving birth. Nobody would notice anyways. They look like normal jeans.

Anti Stretch Mark Oil
Stretch Mark Oil
I’m happy to say that so far I don’t have any stretch marks yet (*knock on wood*). I’ve started applying it daily since mid 1st trimester. Pregnancy has made my skin very dry. The oil does’t only prevent stretch marks. It also keeps the skin smooth. We’ve also used it as massage oil. Love it. I’m currently on my third bottle of “WELEDA – Stretch Mark Massage Oil”.

Yup, you read it right. Good old men’s suspenders. Why? Because they helped me saving a lot of money. Here in Finland we need to wear outdoor pants on top of the normal jeans in order to spend a longer time outdoors during winter (Especially for me during work. I spend a big amount of my workday outdoors in subzero temperatures).
Buying new snowboard pants, especially those maternity ones, would have cost me a fortune. I found a cheap solution to prevent my outdoor pants from falling down, while completely unclosed. Nobody notices, because everything is covered with my long winter jacket.

Thermo Seat Pad
Thermo Mat
Talking about subzero temperatures. This seat pad has come in very handy for me. Any pregnant woman would have to agree with me, that standing in one place for a long time is more exhausting anybody could imagine. The feet hurt, the back aches, and all you want is to sit down for a few minutes. Anywhere.
Unfortunately during winter time here in Finland it can get quite cold for your butt to sit down for even just a couple of minutes outdoors. So in order to get some rest at bus stops, during outdoor time with my students at work, or simply to take a quick rest during a long walk, my foldable thermo seat pad is always ready to keep my butt warm (and therefore prevent possible UTI-infections).

Maternity Bras
Maternity Bra
This came as a surprise to me how quickly in early pregnancy already the breast size grows. And they keep on growing every day. Good quality maternity bras (that later can also be used as breastfeeding bras) were the first purchase I did. Even before any maternity jeans or shirts. An absolute must-have.

But there were a few items that for me seemed like a waste of money though. They did’t help me personally, but I know of many women who benefited from those items. Just was’t made for me:

Motion Sickness Wristbands
Sea Band
Nope, did’t help me one little bit. I wore them day and night, yet, I still threw up for more than 5 months on a daily basis. Damn you pregnancy hormones!

Belly Bands
I bought one in early stage of pregnancy when the upper bottom of my normal jeans would’t close anymore. It was still too early to buy maternity jeans, so I hoped that this belly band would help out for a while.
It felt uncomfortable the whole time wearing this band. It gave extra pressure to my belly and I was happy each time when I removed it. Closing the upper jeans bottom with an extension, a.k.a hair rubber, did its job just fine for me.

This is a list based on my personal experiences. Items that have been helpful to me.
And now I’d love to hear from you. What items were must-haves for you during your pregnancy?