Exotic Food Series: Durian – Tasting the smelliest fruit I’ve ever known

This has got to be the worst smelling fruit I’ve ever encountered. Durian stinks so bad, you can smell it from very far away. It stinks so bad that it is forbidden to bring or eat it at some places.

I can’t even begin to describe the smell; it’s nothing that I have ever smelled in a fruit before: a mix of smelly feet and vomit. And the crazy thing is, some people actually like the smell, like Arthur.

Split durian fruit with its meat exposed

But the taste, and now it’s turning even more crazy; you would think that because it smells so bad that it must taste just as bad. Wrong! Durian actually tastes good. It tastes sweet and a bit chewy. Still not my favourite though. The bad smell is so overwhelming that it prevents me from enjoying Durian. Also, a person who ate Durian carries that distinctive bad smell in their breath for the entire day.

Here’s me tasting the Durian: