Cebu Island scooter road trip day 3: Swimming with whale sharks

We were so exhausted that we went to bed at 7:00pm the night before. Early the next day, we were woken up by a knock on our door by the hotel staff, reminding us we were going to leave in 30 minutes. We were going to swim with the whale sharks at 6:00am in order to avoid the mad rush plus the sunlight isn’t so strong on the skin yet– it is forbidden to use sunblock while swimming with the whale sharks.


Today was the day we get to cross these out from our bucket list:

Swimming with whale sharks

A whaleshark feeding

Swimming under a tropical waterfall

Tumalog Falls, Cebu Philippines

Tumalog Falls in Oslob, Cebu (Philippines)
It has been a good day for us in Oslob.