My two new favourite things in the Philippines

I have to confess, since I arrived in the Philippines, I’ve developed and been battling two “serious addictions”. It’s bad because it’s so hard to stay away from them, I crave for them all the time. I’m talking about Sparkle soft drink and Julie’s Bakeshop.


Sparkle is quite a new soft drink in the Philippines. It tastes a little bit like Mountain Dew but without the caffeine. Unfortunately, it comes with the same amount of sugar. I don’t know if they also sell them in cans, because so far, I only drank them out of glass bottles. The price for one bottle at eateries is around 10 pesos (= around 0,16 Euro).

Julies bakeshop

And then there is Julie’s Bakeshop. They got the freshest, softest, and very fluffy buns and breads. They are everywhere in the Philippines: in every town and in every neighbourhood. They even have them in ambulant shops in the form of bicycles with sidecar and in mini trucks. Every morning at 6:30am, a familiar tune blares throughout the neighborhood from the Julie’s Bakeshop truck. It’s reminiscent of the ice cream trucks in Europe.
One bun usually costs around 5php (=around 0,08Euro). There is a variety of different buns like the typical bakeshop that they are. My favourite is the Mona Lisa. What I noticed is that they are all made of refined white flour, so as you can imagine, this can get quite “addictive”. But it`s just so hard to resist the smell of the freshly baked buns in the air. Before I know it, I’m standing at the bread counter saying: “Duha ka buok, palihog” (Two pieces please).