Cebu Island scooter road trip day 1: San Remigio to Cebu City

As they say, early bird catches the worm. We too want to catch the first light of the day in the mountains of Northern Cebu. We left for our scooter road trip at 5:30am for our first overnight stop in Cebu City. Leaving very early enabled us to get to Cebu City at 8:30am, even before the morning heat hit.

But first, here is the big picture of our planned scooter road trip:

Starting point: San Remigio, north of Cebu Island
Destination: Oslob, south of Cebu Island
Distance: 221km
Driving time: Estimated 7 hours one way


Map with route from San Remigio to Cebu City

Who would have thought it could get chilly in the tropics. But driving by scooter with the sun still out of view, the landscape was covered in mist and fog. We couldn’t help but feel chilly.

How quickly that changed though, as soon as the sun peeked out from the horizon. I witnessed a spectacular sunrise in the mountains!

Scooter ride

There really is a special atmosphere at this time of the day. Roosters crowing; people leaving for work; children walking towards school. Along the coast, fishermen already return home with their catch.

After only three hours (for 110km) we arrived in Cebu City. Usually it takes 3.5 hours or more by bus or by car, but the scooter can weave in and out of traffic easily. We arrived a bit early for the check-in time at our favorite hotel in Cebu City, but they let us check-in early–that’s why they’re our favorite.