Cebu Island scooter road trip day 5: Cebu City to San Remigio

Home at last! Behind us lie a scooter road trip of new experiences, fun adventures, beautiful landscapes, heat, dust, and pain in the buttocks (caused by hours of riding on the scooter).


We spent the last night in Cebu City to get some rest for the last 3.5 hours drive to San Remigio (on the next day). At the hotel, our legs; arms; and face were covered in street dust and soot. We had to wipe them off first before taking a shower. But all in all, it was definitely worth it.

Wiping soot and dust from my legs

We were a bit nervous because the weather forecast for the day was rain and thunderstorm in Cebu, and along the way, some roads were wet; thankfully, we managed to miss the actual rains while travelling on the road (Arthur had to adjust our speed constantly in order not to get caught in the rain.)

However, in the mountains about 15km from Bogo, we saw the most intense and vivid rainbow we’ve ever seen in our lives. What a way to cap our scooter road trip! With these pictures, this road trip diary ends, but, the next trip is already waiting for us!

A double rainbow

An intense rainbow that ends on some coconuts