Cebu Island scooter road trip day 4: Oslob to Cebu City

Blown away by the new experiences and adventures from the previous day, we make our way back home early in the morning. We started our scooter road trip near the southernmost point of Cebu Island and along the East coast all the way to Cebu City.

Driving on the right lane (of the East coast highway) was even much nicer because you are on the side directly next to the coast. This way, you get the nicer view, plus, it’s also much easier to make quick stops on the side of the road (e.g., to take some photos, or just taking a break to enjoy the view.)

most southern point of Cebu

Looking at the Oslob sea, it’s just hard to imagine that whale sharks are actually going about their business just beneath the surface.

along the east coast of Cebu

Oslob and Southern Cebu is a place we definitely will visit again. Next time though, we want to drive across the whole island, going along the West coast and then the East coast.

Map of Cebu Island