Cebu Island scooter road trip day 2: Cebu City, Carcar and Oslob

A hot sunny day today, as in very hot. Dusty streets, crazy traffic, it seems to take ages to leave Cebu City behind as we continue our scooter road trip southbound in the noon heat.

Cebu to Oslob route map

Both of us wearing long sleeves and sunblock to protect our skin from the sun, we make our first stop in Carcar. Arthur wanted to show me the public market here. A place full of life, full of food, and full of people especially on Sundays. As we walked deeper and deeper into market, I get many stares from people as it’s very seldom that westerners go inside in this non-touristy place. Very hungry, and carrying our bags and equipments, we headed for the eateries section deep in the market. I must say I loved the atmosphere there. It was authentic and very exotic. Vegetable from the mountains, fish from the sea, and all kinds of knick-knacks were being sold. Some sea animals looked alive too, some ready to fire on the grill. I end up eating the best lechon I ever tasted.

In front of the Carcar Public Market

Dried fish vendor

Raw chicken parts

At the wet market section at Carcar Public Market

The second part of the trip was much more to my liking because we finally left the urban surroundings and into more rural scenery as we followed the coast all the way to Oslob.

I can only describe what I saw in three words: Cebu the Beautiful!

You can tell that the south of Cebu Island was not affected at all by the destructive super typhoon Haiyan. Trees are all intact and beautifully line the streets, giving some shade. Houses and buildings are not destroyed here too. I have already been so used to the destructions caused by the typhoon in the north that I am surprised to see parts of Cebu Island that have not been destroyed.

Scooter by the side of the road


Oslob coastal road

Finally at around 3:00pm we arrive in Oslob. The scenery, the coast, everything is so beautiful, but we were so knackered and dirty (and grimy) from the long scooter ride. I couldn’t wait to take a quick swim and then a quick shower at the hotel. But when we arrived, the hotel itself was a big let-down. Unfortunately, we were too tired to start searching for another one. So time to rest and time to recharge our batteries literally (all our camera batteries.)

Excited for tomorrow: whaleshark encounter awaits us!