Picture taking and Filipinos

In my many years of travelling I’ve never encountered folks that love to be photographed as much as the Filipinos do. The moment somebody gets out a camera, people stop whatever they’re doing and start posing in front of the camera.

It amuses me no end to watch how happy and excited people get when they see my camera.  “Here Ma’am, over here!” they shout towards me in hope of getting photographed. ”Ma’am, please take my photo!”.  Literally anytime and anywhere is a picture taking session whenever there are people around.


As soon as a camera is pointed towards them, there’s always these two kinds of poses they do: a peace sign, or thumb-and-pointer-forming-a-smile-around-the-chin. It makes me laugh so much. It seems to me that children from birth onwards are being taught to pose and smile in front of cameras.


I come from a culture where most people are camera-shy or uncomfortable in front of cameras. This excitement is therefore a new cultural experience for me and a very entertaining one.