Karaoke in the Philippines: Stepping outside my comfort zone

My karaoke career, unfortunately, had a very sad ending—even before it began! It all started shortly after my arrival in the Philippines (this was one month after the super typhoon Haiyan). Everybody kept telling me to sing with them during their regular karaoke sessions. Not a day pass by where I just sat there watching and listening the others sing while everybody prodded me to sing.

As a kindergarten teacher, I sing with and in front of the children every day; even in front of the parents at celebrations and concerts from our kindergarten. I don’t have any problem in these situations whatsoever. I enjoy singing with the kids. It’s fun. It’s my job.

But singing karaoke in the Philippines, with a microphone in my hand, is a total different situation. It is completely outside my comfort zone. Adding to this is the amount of attention that I get from everybody. When others sing, it’s just happening in the background, nobody pays attention; but when I sing, they stop what they are doing and start listening… at least that’s how it feels like.

Ok, that as a side note. Back to my unsuccessful karaoke career.

So finally, after refusing the microphone for so long, I finally came up with the courage one night, although it took about 2 hours of constant prodding. So I chose “Back For Good” by Take That to make sure there wouldn’t be any uncomfortable high notes. Halfway in the song, getting a bit more comfortable, it happened… boom… brownout. The electricity just died. The music, the lights, the karaoke, everything died, even the whole neighborhood went dark. That had to be a sign. Needless to say, everybody was laughing so hard.

Me? I got traumatised after that event. Four months in, I have never participated singing karaoke with them, not even once. The karaoke curse is haunting me ever since.

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