Joyriding along the wharf in Bogo

Bogo City, in the north of Cebu island, has a population of around 82 thousand people. It is a city full of life that offers us everything we need: supermarkets, eateries and little shops.

We live around 10km from Bogo City. Every day we ride the scooter there to spend some time in our travel agency and to have some lunch in one of the many eateries.

Traffic in the center is full of tricycles, jeepneys and motorcycles. One must indeed be very aware on the crowded streets.

But there are also some very calm places. Like the wharf just a few meters away from our office. It’s a popular hangout place for school kids and students. Also, local Drum and Bugle corps like to practice here in the afternoon, because there are no neighbours nearby. We passed by there on our late afternoon joyriding by scooter: