How time flies

Some of you dear readers might have noticed that in July and in early August I have been blogging less frequently than before. The past month have been packed with family reunions, wedding, sickness, hospital visits, brown outs, and lots of visits to Cebu City. A deluge of things to do that I just couldn’t slot in some time for blogging.

Then suddenly it’s already mid-August. How is that possible? It just amazes me how time flies so fast. I take it as a good sign though.

Time for a small recap.

Before we left for our gap year, my sister asked me if I should be worried that I might get so bored—considering I wasn’t going to do any real work nor have my usual hectic Helsinki city life routine. “Would we just hang out in the beach all the time?”, friends also have asked us.

As it turns out, we’re actually more than busy here, ironically enough. So busy that I even had to regretfully cancel some good friends from Finland and Manila who wanted to visit us. And regarding hanging out in the beach all day: I haven’t done it at all, not even once. Not once in these 8 months I’ve been here so far. It would have been insane in this heat anyway.

Life here has kept us busy; but it’s the nice kind of busy. As compared to my 9 to 5 life in Helsinki, I was busy too, but it was the stressful kind.

Now, being on a gap year, life is going real well for me, health wise particularly. My health has never been so better now compared to the last 6 years or so. I feel so at ease, like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders, and even though we’re so busy, yet strangely, I still feel so relaxed.

I think I’ve begun to embrace the Filipino way of doing all things laid back. It has given me good results so far, chief of which is the positive condition of my health. I’ve been struggling with my health a lot back in Finland, being under pressure from a busy job and life. It amazes me how suddenly with this burden off my shoulders, it’s not only my mind that has gotten respite but my body as well.

While this blog is a fun way to try and dip my toes into writing, in getting experience with online media, in sharing my experiences; it also helps me to understand the Filipino culture better as well as have a better appreciation of my own German and Finnish culture too, as strange as that sounds. Blogging forces me to pause and reflect about all these things.

Conditions here aren’t always perfect for blogging though. We suffer a lot of power cuts (“brown outs”). And currently we’ve been without internet connection for already 5 days. Luckily we can use the internet connection at the travel agency in Bogo of Arthur’s family. But that’s part of life here, people just roll with the punches.

Lately, we have been going back and forth to Cebu City on almost a weekly basis. We had a big family reunion and a grand wedding of Arthur’s younger sister (post of the wedding coming in later). We’re also privileged to spend a whole month with Arthur’s mother who came to visit from the USA. All these family engagements have been fun and have been very interesting: I get such a deep immersion into the Filipino culture by being included in all the happenings. And I can tell you: things here are very different than in my home country. But it’s exactly these different situations that give me fodder for my blog posts.

So even though we only have 4 months more to go before this adventure concludes (again, how time flies! It feels like I only arrived yesterday), I will still have plenty of stuff to share with you guys, like for example: that time when we went on a firefly tour on a banca; my thoughts and observations on the superstitious beliefs in this country; the time I was attacked by an eagle while we were on an island (for real!); or the fact that we wake up to the sound of a pair of howling huskies every morning. Good stuff, so stay tuned!