Exotic Food Series: Purple Mangosteen

There are so many local fruits here that are exotic to me. Many of them I have never ever seen or heard before, like the Purple Mangosteen. Like many fruits in this series, it was only here in the Philippines that I was introduced and had the chance to try them.

The way Purple Mangosteen looks like reminds me of beetroots; but they aren’t anything like beetroots. Purple Mangosteens grow on very tall trees in tropical climates. I like the taste. It’s so sweet and mild, with a hint of sourness (just a hint); and luckily, it doesn’t smell bad like the Durian. Neither does it taste sour like the Soursop.

Since the Purple Mangosteen’s shell is a bit hard, almost leathery, when slicing the fruit, it’s important to not cut through the white “chambers”. Only the purple shell needs to be removed. It’s what’s inside those white “chambers”—the soft spongy thing covering the seeds—that you eat. But you don’t eat the seeds either, unless you want mangosteen “seedlings growing inside your stomach”—but that’s another post for the next time.