Enjoying my first Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak

When my sibling and her husband Robo (of Robo Formacion Photography) went to Bali for their clients’ engagement and wedding photo shooting session, they were kind enough to remember of me and that one entry (among many) in my bucket list: the Indonesian Kopi Luwak.

Although the first best thing would have been to taste Kopi Luwak in Indonesia, I’m just as happy to settle for the next best thing—the Kopi Luwak from Bali—Caroline and Robo brought back with them in time for my birthday.

Came tasting time/day, but first I went to the department store in Bogo to buy a French Press. I would have been prepared and willing to go to Cebu City if it came to that, but luckily, The Metro had them in stock (thank God for the sizable community of expats living in Northern Cebu which, I assume, is the primary market for these kinds of things). So the photo above shows the freshly brewed Kopi Luwak which I was about to taste for the first time. One more thing crossed off my bucket list. Thanks Caroline and Robo!