Drinking out of a plastic bag

In the Philippines, drinking out of a plastic bag is something very common. People here, myself included, drink soft drinks from small, translucent plastic bags, instead of from bottles.

The reason why is because when you buy bottled soft drinks, you are only buying the liquid contents, not the bottle. You can’t bring the bottle with you unless you pay a deposit (to guarantee its return). Most established restaurants and convenience stores offer the drinks in plastic cups.

But for little shops (Sari-Sari stores) it’s cheaper for them to use small plastic bags (with a straw, of course) than plastic cups. They don’t take much space either. It makes more sense for them, from a business point of view.

I’ve only been here in the Philippines for 4 months so far, but this “cultural oddity” feels so normal to me already, I almost forgot to blog about it.