Leaving for a one-week birthday treat to Palawan

A Palawan vacation has been a dream of mine for years already, and tomorrow it’s finally happening! Palawan Island, in the west of the Philippines, is in my bucket list. What better time than this gap year to visit that island that is famous for it’s beaches, mountains, and underground river. What better place to spend my upcoming birthday, too, than in Palawan. Super excited!

Bags and equipments for Palawan vacation

We will be staying there for a week. Unfurtunately, the north of the Island (El Nido) has limited electricity availability. Power rationing means it is only available from 3pm to 6am. That is because El Nido, despite it’s famous beautful landscapes, is still a very rural area that has not been developed yet for tourism.

The difficult access might also be a reason why only few tourists visit that northern part of the island. Not only is there a 1h15min flight from Cebu or Manila, but also, from Palawan airport in Puerto Princessa, there is a 6-7 hours bus ride along the bumpy, curvy, and dusty highway to El Nido.

We are also expecting to have no or a very bad internet connection so we might have a weeklong blogging break (depending on the electricity/internet situation).

A week where we will hopefully get to see and experience as much of the island as possible. We come prepared with two bags full of camera equipments, sunblock, and swimsuits.

So, off to a new adventure. We’ll be back soon!