Banana Cue: A traditional Filipino snack

The banana cue has got be one of the most delicious snacks in the Philippines. I should know, it is one of my favourite. Almost every afternoon, in Bogo City, we go to our “suki“* banana cue vendor to get some of these delicious, deep fried bananas coated in caramelised sugar.

Banana cue, or locally known as Maruya, is a classic street food that is found in any street corner in the cities and provinces. A stick of banana cue usually costs around ₱10 (around 0,16€) and is usually freshly prepared. So when you eat it it’s still hot and smells like caramelised sugar.

The Saba banana variety is used for this because it is hard and therefore ideal for the deep frying process.

First, the bananas are deep fried in oil. After that, brown sugar is sprinkled directly on the still-frying bananas. Then lastly, a bamboo stick is used to hold together pieces of the bananas before serving. The bamboo skewer is only used for holding together banana pieces, it’s not used for frying.

Considering the liberal amount of sugar and oil, it is unfortunate that I’ve fallen in love with this snack.

Here is a video of our favourite banana cue vendor in Bogo City. This lady sure knows how to prepare the bananas.

*suki is the Filipino word for favourite