Arriving in the Philippines

While waiting in line at the immigration check at the Cebu-Mactan Airport after arriving in the Philippines, I had no inkling what is expected outside the air-conditioned terminal because the moment I stepped outside, a wall of extreme heat and humidity enveloped me.

Just having arrived from Finland, this intense tropical heat is nothing anybody can be prepared for. Mind you, this was on a Christmas week! Overdressed in warm jeans, jacket, and scarf; sweat starts running before I even get to hug Arthur, who had been in the Philippines since August.

But still, I love it! I love being back! The heat, the sounds, the smells… everything is coming back to me. I had been to the Philippines before, but my last trip here was four years ago, so it was really about time I come back.

Driving through the intense Cebu traffic, totally jet lagged from my 33-hour journey, I’m trying to take it all in; but I can barely stay awake. This journey halfway around the globe was just too exhausting. I need to sleep. I need to drink. I need aircon.

Philippines, I’m back 🙂 And this time for one whole year!

View from the plane over islands of the Philippines
View from the plane while approaching Cebu Island