A backstage look at what tourists don’t get to see

When you think about tropical beaches you think of calm, turquoise waters– inviting you to dive in. What you don’t think of is: rough waters or high tides or low tides. Meaning, that there could be an entire week where the tide is so low that there’s no water at the beach! and that’s whats’s happening here.

While still in dark, cold Finland I often tried to lift up my spirits with some vacation photos from our earlier Philippine trips in summertime: turquoise, shimmering, crystal clear waters.

Perfect tropical beach scenario

Well, the situation this time around is a little different. Low tides at daytime, rough seas in the afternoons and evenings, and because of recent typhoon and tropical storm, the fine white sand had been stripped away exposing the rough sand and stones. It uprooted kelps, seaweeds, coconuts, and banana trunks too, littering the beach with them.

The not so perfect tropical beach scenario

I feel like I’m having a backstage look. A “behind the scenes” access, if you will. Scenes tourists usually don’t get to see, but still the scenes that show the real life of the Philippines. The reality that locals are so used to that they don’t notice anymore. The sea, the beaches, the surroundings keep changing week by week, month by month.

But now I have one year to learn about the many facets of nature here.