The four seasons in Finland

Although global warming is showing its evil face when it comes to the climate here in Finland, we’re still fortunate enough to experience the 4 different seasons. It worries me though for how long that’s still the case. Will our daughter be able to experience 4 different seasons in her life, I wonder. Or is everything turning into one same season 10 years from now thanks to global warming? We better enjoy while it still lasts…


winter edited
I love all of the four seasons so much. But I guess winter will always be my number 1. Nothing beats an outdoor activity on a sunny winter day. The colder the better. I love the crunchy sound of the snow, the bite of the cold, and the silence that comes along with a snowstorm.


spring editedSpring in Finland is very different to spring in other countries, because there’s still plenty of snow and ice left. But what makes spring so special is the return of the daylight. After almost half a year of darkness, you will be able to see people stopping in the middle of the street, facing their faces towards the sun. Everybody wants to take it in. The light, the warmth, the vitamin D. These first light spring days wake everybody up from their hibernation and bring positivity and happiness.


Summer. Oh you painfully short, but beautiful Finnish summer. Not only nature, but the people are awake too. Everybody is outdoors, nobody wants to miss out any minute of this warm time of the year. Wild berries are growing all over the country, people spend most of the day with eating ice cream, and the sun never sets.


There’s good news and bad news about autumn in Finland. On the pro: September and October are stunningly beautiful. Never is the sunlight more yellow, never are the trees as beautiful, and never does nature smell as good as in early autumn. Nature is showing itself from its most beautiful side during September and October.
The bad news though: November. Oh, how I wish we could just erase this grey month from all our calendars. It gets ugly. The most darkest time of the year, with what it feels like 30-day-nonstop-rain. Animals, but also the people, start hibernation and there is nothing else to do left than waiting for the first snow to come.

It’s interesting how I have a favourite season in every country I’ve lived in. In Finland it’s winter (the snow), in Germany that would have to be spring (warm temperatures, but not yet hot), and in the Philippines it’s the rainy season (the sound of the tropical rain).
What’s your favourite season?