Guide to storing your groceries and produce

We like to buy our groceries and produce in small quantities (but many times a week). In that way, we can buy the freshest products and minimize buying canned products as much as possible.

Unfortunately, since there are only the two of us, there is no avoiding the excess ingredients that are left after preparing our meals. So inevitably; half a chicken breast, or two tablespoonful of chopped onions, here and there, can be found lying around on the kitchen counter after meal preparations. The decision always narrows down to either throw them away or store them for next use. And of course we choose the latter 100% of the time. So this is why we created this handy chart/guide for storing typical stuff in the kitchen. Hope this will be helpful for you as well.

Click on the image below to view the big version and print if you’re so inclined.

Guide to storing your groceries and produce

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