Frendz Resort Boracay: Great value budget hotel in paradise 4 (4/5)

Itemized Ratings
Location 4 (4/5)
Ambience 4 (4/5)
Service 5 (5/5)
Cleanliness 5 (5/5)
Value 5 (5/5)
Pros & Cons

  • Friendly service
  • Great location
  • Cheap
  • Cosy bungalow huts
  • Lush greens

  • The outside looks unappealing
  • Placement of the light switch

We stayed at Frendz Resort Boracay for 4 nights in June. Initially, we had some reservations about the place because of TripAdvisor and Facebook reviews which gave the impression that it was a party hostel. We imagined raucous, all night music and disco, every day of the week. This is why we asked for a deluxe room away from the bar/restaurant.

Turns out, it’s only a once a week thing. They announce it a day before the event too. It starts at 7pm and ends at 10pm, obviously mindful of the fact that not all guests are into the party scene much (or anymore). Happy to say, our fears were unfounded, as most nights were relatively quiet.

They obliged anyway by giving us Room 4, which faces away from the bar/restaurant, although that, in turn, exposed us to the sounds and music of the neighboring hotels (but only occasionally, so no complaints from us).

The Location

It’s perfectly situated between stations 1 and 2. Since it’s not a beachfront property, you need to walk through a narrow path to go to the beach, around 5 minutes walk or so.


The moment you reach Globy’s, it’s a totally different world. It suddenly becomes the legendary tropical beach in both in looks and in its vibe. Cafes, bars, restaurants, vendors, people—they’re everywhere! It’s also very close to the D’ Mall.

Maybe you’d think that Frendz Resort Boracay’s location far from the beachfront is a negative thing. Far from it. What you don’t get in the view, you get in peace and quiet. Out there in the beachfront, there’s just no letup in activities. The hustle and bustle remains a consistent high all the time. But you get respite immediately the moment you walk that narrow path away from the beach and towards the hostel.

The Hotel

Rewind to our first day when we arrived as our tricycle driver dropped us off at the main road. We walked along the path from the main road through a place that looked like an abandoned lot. To be honest, the surroundings didn’t look appealing.

Following in the direction of the signage, we walked a few more meters along a bare concrete wall and to a gate—then a big green power generator. I thought we came to Frendz Resort at the back, or by mistake (turns out we didn’t). Luckily, a handyman arrived, and led us to the reception area.

Along the short way, we saw plants after plants lining up the pathway. It’s so green inside the walls of Frendz Resort. It’s quite lush there.

The dorms are located at the front side of the restaurant while the deluxe rooms are located just a tad farther. It seems that the restaurant/bar serves as the fulcrum to everything happening at Frendz Resort. Probably it’s because the reception area is there; the public-use computer is there; and the Wi-fi signal is there.

For the guests that, naturally, want to go to the beach—it is the primary reason, after all, why we all go to Boracay—Frendz Resort provides sun chairs at the beach for the guests, all for free. Dennis, the guy in charge there, takes your orders and watches your belongings when you are using the sun chairs or when you go swimming. For every food and drinks you order from Dennis, via Globy Restaurant, you get a 10% discount. Even better, you can charge your orders at Globy or at Steakhouse Boracay to your room. You don’t need to bring money or your wallet when out at the beach. Both restaurants give a 10% discount to Frendz Resort guests.

We always found ourselves having late breakfast and dinner at Globy, though not so much for the 10% discount (although it was compelling), or the convenience of charging orders to our room (it was a big factor), but just because their food was delicious. Loved the food. Particularly our favorites: omelette, seafood and salmon pasta, and calamansi juice.

The Room

The cottage bungalows are native in style; largely bamboo ornamented. Each cottage contain 4 rooms where each comes with a  large private porch, bamboo lounge chairs, and a low table. You can hang your beach towels, sarong, wet clothes, etc. at the porch.

Inside is a rather large room. It comes with the standard cable TV, aircon, hot shower, and double bed. While the aircon looked underpowered, there was an electric fan (what a difference it made in cooling comfort).

The windows are covered with screens, including the bathroom, to keep out mosquitoes and bugs and thick plastic cellophanes to keep in the cold air.

The bed was clean and the room was made everyday. So we got fresh bed sheets and towels daily. A rare luxury for us.

The bathroom is decent. Its floor and walls are made of stone marbles. Water pressure was quite strong. There’s also an open cabinet on top of the wash basin to put your toiletries, plus a mirror.

Annika always complained about the odor of the water from the toilet bowl though. No, it didn’t smell like effluent. It turns out, Frendz Resort uses used water for flushing the toilets. Now that’s something I can definitely get behind.

Unfortunately, there’s no Wi-fi in the room, or at the porch, only at the restaurant area, although Jeff told us about this on the first day.

One thing that peeved us whenever we go back to our room was the placement of the light switches. It seemed ill-planned. One would automatically find the light switch right beside the door upon entering. But not in this room. It is located instead at the door to the bathroom. So we always feel our way inside the dark room (even at noon) walking a good few paces to reach the wall of the bathroom, and then flicking the switch. This would have been fine if there weren’t any obstacles along the way, such as the stand fan, the TV, or even the low table. We think this is just an accident waiting to happen.

The Service

I must say that the staff were genuinely friendly, starting with Jeff; to Dennis, the gardeners, the reception staff, the cleaning staff. Jeff gave us a warm welcome (and a welcome drink), gave the skinny on what the resort offered, etc., etc. The cleaning staff and the gardeners always greeted us with a smile too. They were friendly and courteous; and not the condescending kind.

Like previously mentioned, our room got made up everyday. The bathroom/toilet cleaned everyday. Fresh towels and fresh bedsheets daily. All of these without prompting or making a request.


Frendz Resort Boracay has a laid back, relaxed atmosphere. The vibe starts from the staff and seem to be picked up by the guests—especially by the young backpacker crowd, as there was always guests socializing or hanging out together at the restaurant/bar all the time.

I reckon, this is the best place to meet other backpackers if you’re into that kind of thing. If not, no worries, it is also just as nice a place for non-backpackers, just like us.

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