Circle Cutter for Laminated Paper

Whether you are a crafter, quilter, or sewer, the circle cutter is a handy tool to have in your arsenal. It is great for cutting perfect circles out of laminated paper. The circle cutter can be used to make appliques, embellishments, and even cut out fabric for circular quilt blocks.

If you work with laminated paper, then you know how frustrating it can be to try and cut a perfect circle. But with the right tool, it’s actually quite easy! A circle cutter is specifically designed to cut through laminated paper without tearing or fraying the edges.

And because it’s so precise, you can get perfectly even circles every time. To use a circle cutter, simply place your laminated paper on the cutting mat and position the cutter over top. Then, just rotate the handle around until the blade cuts through the entire sheet.

It’s that easy! With a circle cutter, you can quickly and easily create perfect circles out of laminated paper – no more fussy cutting by hand!

Circle Cutter for Laminated Paper


Is There a Tool for Cutting Perfect Circles in Paper?

Paper circles are not as difficult to cut as you might think. There are a few different ways that you can go about it, depending on what kind of materials and tools you have available to you. One method is to use a compass.

If you don’t have a compass, any straight edge and a pencil will do the trick. Place the point of the compass or pencil at the center of your paper, and draw around the edge to create a perfect circle. Cut along the line with a sharp knife or scissors, and voila!

You’ve got yourself a paper circle. Another way to cut a paper circle is by folding the paper into quarters, then eighths, and so on. Once you’ve reached 16 folds, cut along the outermost fold with scissors to create a rough circle shape.

Unfold the paper completely, and smooth out any creases or imperfections. You should now have a pretty good approximation of a perfect circle. If you’re looking for something even more precise, there are special Circle Cutting Tools available online or at your local craft store which will allow you to cut circles ranging from 2″ – 12″ in diameter.

These usually consist of two nested semicircles connected by metal hinges; simply line up the desired size with your paper and snip away!

How Do You Use a Circle Cutter for Paper?

A circle cutter is a great way to quickly and easily cut circles out of paper. There are a few different ways to use a circle cutter, depending on the size and shape of the circle you want to cut. To cut a small, simple circle, start by tracing the outline of a coin or other small object onto your paper.

Then, line up the blade of the circle cutter with the edge of the traced circle and rotate the cutter around the paper until the entire circle has been cut out. For larger or more complicated shapes, you can first draw your desired outline onto cardstock or another sturdy material. Then, place that template onto your paper and trace around it with a pencil before cutting along those lines with your circle cutter.

This method is also helpful if you need to cut multiple identical circles. No matter which method you use, be sure to hold the paper steady as you rotate the cutter around it.

Can a Rotary Cutter Cut a Circle?

Yes, a rotary cutter can cut a circle. Here’s how: 1. Place your fabric on a cutting mat.

If you’re using a template to cut your circle, tape the template to the fabric. 2. Position the rotary cutter so that the blade is parallel to the edge of the fabric. Slowly rotate the cutter around the edge of the fabric or template.

Be sure to keep the blade perpendicular to the cutting mat so that you get a clean cut. 3. Once you’ve made it all the way around, lift up the rotary cutter and fabric and reposition them so that you can make another cut next to your first one. Repeat this process until you’ve cut out as many circles as you need.

How Do You Cut Circles in Cardstock?

If you need to cut a perfect circle in cardstock, there are a few different ways you can do it. One option is to use a Circle Cutter, which is a specialized tool that can be adjusted to cut circles of various sizes. Another option is to use a Punches, which come in multiple sizes and can be used to create both small and large circles.

Finally, if you have patience and steady hands, you can always freehand cut your circle using a sharp craft knife or scissors. Assuming you are working with standard 8.5” x 11” cardstock, here are step-by-step instructions for each method: Circle Cutter:

1. Place your cardstock on a cutting mat or other self-healing surface. 2. Position the Circle Cutter so that the blade is lined up where you want your circle to start. 3. Gently push down on the cutter and rotate it around until you have gone all the way around the paper and cut out your circle.

Punches: 1. Choose the punch size that best fits your needs – smaller punches will create smaller circles while larger punches will obviously create larger ones. 2. Place your cardstock on top of the punch so that the area where you want your circle to be is lined up with the cutting edge of the punch.

3 Firmly press down on the handle of the punch until it cuts through the paper – most punches have an easy-to-use lever mechanism for this purpose. Cutting Freehand: 1 Start by folding your cardstock in half vertically and then horizontally so that you have four equal quarters .

Cut off any uneven edges along these folds so that they are nice and straight . 2 Unfold your paper back into its original position . Use a ruler or other straight edge as a guide , draw half -circle at each corner ofthe square using either pencil 3 Now use scissors ora sharp craft knife to carefully cut out along these lines untilyouhave removed all four quarter -circles fromthepaper .

DIY Circle Cutter for Paper

Paper Circle Cutter

Paper circle cutters are one of the most essential tools for any crafter or scrapbooker. They come in a variety of sizes, but the most common size is the 12 inch cutter. They are also available in different blade styles such as the rotary blade or the straight blade.

The rotary blade style is best for cutting through thicker papers, while the straight blade is better for thinner papers. No matter what style you choose, paper circle cutters make it easy to create perfect circles every time!


This is a great little tool for anyone who needs to cut laminates or other materials. It has a strong suction cup that holds it in place, and the cutting blade is very sharp. This makes it easy to get precise cuts, and it’s also much safer than using a knife.

The only downside is that it’s a bit expensive, but it’s worth the price if you need to do a lot of cutting.

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